Invitation for cooperation (for beginners)

Hi there! Here is an idea: I want to invite people who are just learning Rails, Ruby, and programming in general, who are in their first months or first year. Perhaps those who want to change their job. People who already know something, but are not able to create a somewhat complex and complete product … Read more

Is Vivaldi the best sweet spot browser?

If you think about it, Vivaldi is a near-perfect browser that doesn’t really miss anything, does it? [Disagree?]( Before I start listing why I think Vivaldi is the sweet spot of browsers, I want to make it clear that there is no perfect browser these days. And everyone has different preferences, so you can’t say … Read more

Pages with nginx are dow

I just saw that pages which use nginx are down.Any news/updates? Edits – Ok so back to normal ppl. Just comment about the bug/prob/solution cause this was too weird Ok so if u guys use vpn try it ? a maybe solution . from []( [Me bad at edits]( Doesnt this seem weird to ya … Read more