Production Or Bust! I’m all in! I need to launch my website/startup in 6-8 weeks or I’m absolutely screwed.

Long story VERY short, I’m currently working on what I think is an excellent idea and has proven promising with potential customers I’ve talked with. I need to take what’s currently a largely incomplete Django project, fully complete it, and take it all the way to production in 6-8 weeks. This will have to be … Read more

I’ll help you setup Django on AWS

Title. If you need help setting up Django hosting on AWS, I’ll hop in a call and help you out for free. I’m doing research in this area, so I’d love to hear about your workflows. If you don’t need help, if you can drop a comment about your preferred hosting platform and your method … Read more

Open source framework for developing chatbots in Ruby

Hello, I want to share with you this project I’ve created. It’s an open-source framework for developing chatbots in Ruby. The project is published on Github []( and the full documentation at []( Any feedback will be appreciated. Thank you!

nginx: [warn] “ssl_stapling” ignored, host not found in OCSP responder “” in the certificate

Also posted on: []( I updated my router firmware and it ended up killing my webserver, so I reverted back to the old firmware in hopes that it would un\*\*\*\* itself. It didn’t. So now I’m battling an issue where I’m probably at my wits end, I cannot make it work. All my applications running … Read more

KTLS in nginx

I enabled KTLS ( ) and have the debug logs. However, lsmod shows tls module « Used by 0 » which according to the documentation means no instance of the module is currently being used. Should I worry ?