Who wants to learn Docker & Kubernetes this weekend?

I had put a lot of effort in creating this video series on Docker & Kubernetes for beginners. It consist of basics on Docker, Docker Swarm, Docker Stack, kubernetes, Installing Docker, minikube, kubernetes cluster, k3d cluster, creating Containers, Pods, Deployments, services, replicaset, HPA, Integration with Jenkins to deploy your application to Kubernetes cluster, kubernetes screts … Read more

How to Version Control your Django Project

Hey All, I wrote a small guide for how I Version Control my Django Projects. If you are interested I would love to get your feedback. [https://builtwithdjango.com/blog/django-version-control](https://builtwithdjango.com/blog/django-version-control) It is aimed at the people who are just starting out. TL;DR of the post is to use a good .gitignore 😃