Production Or Bust! I’m all in! I need to launch my website/startup in 6-8 weeks or I’m absolutely screwed.

Long story VERY short, I'm currently working on what I think is an excellent idea and has proven promising with potential customers I've talked with.

I need to take what's currently a largely incomplete Django project, fully complete it, and take it all the way to production in 6-8 weeks. This will have to be followed by heavy marketing/grassroots stuff. And if all goes well, I'll end up with a growing, profitable startup in a couple months. If all doesn't go well, I'm going to be looking for a 9-5 basic job and not having a very fun time with life.

I've made this account as a way to try to keep myself on track with a sort of "accountability" to you strangers. Also big shoutout to the subreddit for such a massive amount of helpful material. You all have been incredible help in learning Django and I'm at the point where I need to put it all into practice.

Wish me luck! I'm officially all in on a WallStreetBets-esque Django YOLO.

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