I’ll help you setup Django on AWS

Title. If you need help setting up Django hosting on AWS, I'll hop in a call and help you out for free. I'm doing research in this area, so I'd love to hear about your workflows.

If you don't need help, if you can drop a comment about your preferred hosting platform and your method to deploy a new project, I'd greatly appreciate it.

6 thoughts on “I’ll help you setup Django on AWS”

  1. Maybe you can write a terraform plugin/template that would require minimum customization from the user and that would create the necessary aws resources?

  2. I used dokku on a Digital ocean droplet to deploy my last project. Works great, but I ended up having to use AWS for static files anyway, which makes simple image uploads kind of a pain. Hoping to streamline this workflow in my next project, any suggestions welcome.

  3. I host my django website on elastic beanstalk on AWS. I downloaded the eb command line interface, open the cmd line in my project folder, type eb init then eb deploy. It’s very simple and quick for small projects which have little updates and don’t need a full CI/CD pipeline. And of course before all that I setup the RDS and EB environment using the AWS console.

    I’d love to know how to do it using docker though or with terraform from scratch but I just don’t have the patience as I know it’ll take so long to learn 🙁


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