I built a Chrome Extension alternative to onetab: One Tab Group

Does anyone feel that the \`onetab\` plugin is no longer enough to meet your needs?

* Are you also suffering from opening too many tabs, but can not find the site you want to find, all Icon \~ \~
* Are you also suffering from the fact that onetab can only recover tabs, but not groups of tabs?
* Are you also tired of onetab's layout, leaving a large blank space on the right side?
* Are you also looking forward to a new plugin that can replace it !!!


# New Wheel


I'm building a Chrome plugin called \`One Tab Group\` that solves some of the above problems. For those interested, check out this video


If you can use \`onetab\`, then you will also use \`One Tab Group\`.

The following features are supported.

\- ⚡️ One click button to save all tabs in the chrome window as a new session.
\- 🗂️ Restore tabs
\- in current window
\- in a new window
\- 🔄 Sync your opened tabs in sidenav
\- 🤏 Reorganize tab sessions use Drag & Drop with ease
\- 🔲 Single Column View | Double Columns View | Timeline View
\- 📑 Save your session a JSON file
\- 🌛 Darkmode Support
\- 🌍 i18n Support
\- ⌨️ Command \`K\` Interface - easily explore the opened tabs & tab groups.
\- 🏷️ Visual Web Bookmark - Turn a link into a visual web bookmark with beautiful QRCode, you can share with others.
\- 🔖 Support for migrate tabs data from \`OneTab\` to \`onetab.group\`

One Tab Group is focused on solving the problem of restoring tab groups as well.

So, If you want to use it, please tell me. And One Tab Group will release on Chrome Web Store soon.

5 thoughts on “I built a Chrome Extension alternative to onetab: One Tab Group”

  1. This looks AWESOME!!!!
    When you say “real time synchronization” do you mean among different devices? Is there any way to support iOS devices?

    Awesome work!!


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