[Hiring Full-Time] [$120-200k Base] [US ONLY]

Hello devs! I’ve seen a couple of engineers post about their interest ins new opportunity.

I’m currently working with 3 different, well-funded startups.

2 of the roles are backend and the other is a full-stack w/ JS.

Comp is anywhere between $120-225k based on experience + Equity.

Need 4+ years of solid engineering experience. Please DM me if you’re interested. I can pass along more info.

1 thought on “[Hiring Full-Time] [$120-200k Base] [US ONLY]”

  1. You misspelled devs* (No apostrophe)

    Note: I am looking for a new remote job, but I’ve noticed that the current interview process appears to be fundamentally broken, so until that problem fixes itself, I will stay where I am at.

    If your clients are demanding 2+ hour long technical interviews with “pair programming”, or “a collaborative tech session”, they too are sick with this disease. Many senior devs are introverted and may even be on the spectrum. This type of interview process automatically excludes them, which indicates it may be discriminatory. Unsure where this behavior is from, but I have noticed it began with the silicon valley exodus, which exploded during the pandemic.

    Note that the two companies that interviewed me are going on 18 months without hiring anyone. The pay range was HIGHER than the one you posted. I know this because both companies were hiring for only one position, and I became friends with a dev that I interviewed with at one company.

    Note I am not slamming you, I am just saying that while demand is high, the interview process is broken. Please do what you can to tell these clients that devs don’t think the same way during a pair programming session in an interview vs. the way they do while working a full time job. Depending on whether or not they have disabilities, the client may be putting them in an uncomfortable position.

    I do hope you are able to find someone.

    NOTE: One company I declined to interview with wanted a 19 hour long interview process. Unpaid. That is not okay.


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