Invitation for cooperation (for beginners)

Hi there!

Here is an idea:

I want to invite people who are just learning Rails, Ruby, and programming in general, who are in their first months or first year. Perhaps those who want to change their job. People who already know something, but are not able to create a somewhat complex and complete product yet.

I want to cooperate with one\\two\\few people who might be interested in working on collective project, struggling and finding solutions together, from an idea and sketch (I have some) to production (I have a VPS and can deploy an app to the web).

We will work slowly and steadily (all have their lives, jobs and families) but *regularly*.

We will start easily. If needed, we'll learn\\clarify every topic to be on the same page, be it Git, rbenv, ssh or whatever. I want to create a micro-pre-alfa-newbie-software-development-studio so to speak.

I've created [Slack Workspace](

Feel free to join. We'll wait a bit for people to join and start doing something specific.

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