Apologies for the post that was left up far too long yesterday


Usually I catch & respond to reports pretty quickly, but a post from yesterday was left up 21 hours after reports were made. I have been away from the computer the past couple days for some private commitments, and just saw it now.

The post in question was a tutorial with disturbing examples used to explain programming topics. Once confronted, the user doubled down, was extremely rude to other members, and continued with harassment.

Thank you to those who reported and who attempted to get clarification & set the original poster on a better path.

The post is removed, and the user has been banned from the community.

Best wishes to you all,


Edit: thanks autocorrect 😑

4 thoughts on “Apologies for the post that was left up far too long yesterday”

  1. Specifically, disturbing examples included some that made light of and implied acceptance of Nazism and the Gestapo, violence against Jews, tropes about social justice, gender identity, and “cancellation”, etc.

    If you find any of these amusing and cannot take a moment to self-reflect when several good folks from the django community call you out, please unsubscribe from this community and from anything to do with django at all. Your hate is not welcome here.

  2. Thanks for all you do, pancakeses! Dude went to a lot of trouble to spread hate via an ORM tutorial, strangest thing I ever saw.


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