Pages with nginx are dow

I just saw that pages which use nginx are down.Any news/updates?

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Ok so back to normal ppl. Just comment about the bug/prob/solution cause this was too weird

Ok so if u guys use vpn try it ? a maybe solution . from [](

[Me bad at edits](

Doesnt this seem weird to ya all that all websites using nginx crash at the same time?Ok so cloudfare is also down. It might be that.Ok guys just used a cloudfare website and its on.Prob definitely nginx .site - []( May be Im wrong idk

sometimes []( shows 500 error and soetimes it works. Idk whats special about it

Ppl in comments have confirmed that nginx is showing error 500

For Ppl who dont know nginx is In simplicity its like chrome except it hosts the sites

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  1. I mean it seems to have just happened within the past 10 to 20 minutes. Pretty wild, will be interested to see what the cause is/ was.


    Even on twitter the earliest mention I can find is just 15 minutes old.


    Just briefly got a cloudflare 521 error on the website I was using but now we’re back to 500

  2. Just was searching as to why I’m getting errors on such random sites, and they all are using nginx. Was editing on Canva, purchasing stamps and making stuff on vistaprint. All those are down at the same time haha. So weird!

  3. Idk but trued everything to fix it and managed to fuck up evrrything i had saved on every tab up. r/mildlyinfuriating fs

  4. Also yeah it does seem weird. Not trying to put on my tinfoil hat but it definitely struck me as odd that somehow a software responsible for keeping who knows how many sites up, suddenly goes AWOL rendering said sites inaccessible.

  5. It’s weird that totally unrelated sites that use it are down right now. Does nginx somehow override something on user’s sites?

  6. i hope they get it fixed soon. Im assuming itll take some time but i was trying to do something at 2 in the morning

  7. Can confirm it is not an NGINX issue. I have over 5500 client websites all running NGINX and only those employing cloud flare, are currently unreachable via their public host name/IP address, though their servers are actually up and running and reachable via their non-published IP addresses.

  8. >Doesnt this seem weird to ya all that all websites using nginx crash at the same time?

    Reddit also uses nginx and it wasn’t down.


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