Django Tutorial Series for Beginners

I started to make [Django tutorial vids]( after I got inspired by [this tweet]( and even though I'm not learning Django for the first time I thought it would be good practice.

In the tutorial we'll make a food recipes app, with user authentication, where users can create, view, edit, and delete recipes.

A little about me: I am a CS grad and also a Django bootcamp grad so I'm not learning Django as I go but it's more of a refresher. In my day-to-day I use Next.js and DRF but idk anything about making videos so I thought this would be a good start.

**Here are the videos and links:**

|*Video Description (and link)*|
|1. [Project Setup]( \- Overview and Django project setup|
|2. [App Setup]( \- Creating the URLs & views|
|3. [HTML Templates & Passing Context Data](|
|4. [Adding a little bootstrap styling](|
|5. [Going over the django admin](|
|6. [Database & models](|
|7. [User registration](|
|8. [Logging in/out](|
|9. [Recipes CRUD 1 (Create & Read)](|
|10. [Recipes CRUD 2 (Update & Delete)](|

I'm also learning about the whole vid making process as I go so any tips/pointers would be much appreciated.

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