NGINX Sprint – Call for Papers

If you'd like to present at the NGINX Sprint conference the [call for speakers]( is open.

We are looking for people to:

* Talk about what you know, with real-world examples. 
* Give the audience concrete takeaways that they can apply after NGINX Sprint. 
* Show and share your config files, example code, github repos, etc. 
* Have fun with it – let your personal voice come through in your content; make it unique to your personality and engaging for a group of your peers. 

Submit as many talks as you like, but keep in mind that quality beats quantity every time. 

Selected Presenters Receive: 

* 10-minute or 25-minute time slot at NGINX Sprint. 
* A fully edited MP4 of your session 
* An exclusive NGINX Sprint Speaker Kit filled with only the most exclusive swag ever! 


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