Flask Allowed Me to Implement My Startup for only $12.

After years of developing numerous applications in multiple languages, I finally built an automated crypto trading application that I commercialized using Python and Flask.

First, I spent $12 buying the .com domain name on the internet from Google. The rest of my journey was free.

The application itself was built in Python ($0), using an open-source development environment ($0) and I used Python's pyinstaller package to compile the application into an executable that can run on Windows, MacOS, or Linux. - $0

I created a professional looking website by using the templates on GoogleSites ($0) to design and build my site and then when I was finished, I copied and pasted the html that was generated over to my flask application.

I created my own Web Server using Python Flask ($0), saving me from having to pay for a web-hosting provider. The site also utilizes Flask-Login to enable password-protected logins, Flask-Limiter to prevent malicious attacks/calls to the site, and Flask-Mail to send email confirmations.

The website has connectivity to a back-end MySQL database ($0). It's deployed using Apache/WSGI ($0). It's also deployed on https:// by using letsencrypt ($0) to generate the SSL certificates.

Next, I created an API server using Python Flask ($0) so it can communicate and receive/send data to the client applications.

I was able to integrate the Stripe API ($0) to my Python Flask application in order to receive and accept credit card payments without having to store any credit card information or worry about the compliance headache that comes with holding that data. I also implemented a payment option to accept payments via cryptocurrency via XLM (Stellar Lumens) by integrating with their blockchain API ($0).

At this point, all of this has been running on my Ubuntu desktop. Once I was ready to move to the next step, I signed up with with Amazon Web Services and selected their free-tier option ($0) which was a t2.micro instance. I was able to replicate my Python-Flask/Ubuntu/MySQL environment there for free.

A month later, Amazon reached out to me regarding an entrepreneur program they had and said I could apply for it. A week later I qualified for an additional $300 in AWS credit!

If you're interested in checking out the quality of the website design or features enabled, you can google KryptoScalper.

Hopefully, my story serves as an inspiration to other aspiring entrepreneurs and to let them know that if you're a skilled enough Python/Flask programmer, you don't have to throw down a lot of money to implement your idea into a business. Feel free to comment or ask any questions regarding my journey

16 thoughts on “Flask Allowed Me to Implement My Startup for only $12.”

  1. Thank you for sharing this! I’m pursuing my own Flask-based SaaS start-up as well, in the super super early stages. It’s validating to see that others have done similar work with some success.

    Have you been able to get any paying customers? Are you doing any marketing?

  2. No I didn’t, because speed was not a concern for the Web or API server. The trading app itself uses cythonized python which is fast enough. But I went with flask because there was lots of documentation, code samples, YouTube videos, and community support which is crucial for a developing an application solo.

  3. That’s true, I did recently apply for trademarking the name KryptoScalper which did cost me $250, but this was after I implemented my startup. Like I said, in a previous response, I am ready to spend money to promote as well as protect my idea. Please do check it out. I’ve been using the trading app I built for over 18 months and it has done very well for me. Cryptocurrency, is a risky area, but as a mathematician and as a CFA charterholder, I built this product with management of risk and preservation of capital as my highest priority. I would love to hear any feedback. Thank you for your response.

  4. What were your costs of living & time spent. It is disingenuous to “forget” that time is money, humans must eat, electricity is not magic, and family isn’t always there.

  5. Awesome!

    I’m learning Flask and just implemented Flask-Login and Flask-Mail to my first project (a web app with To-Do-List). I’m coming from JavaScript and Flask / Python makes almost everything so much easier than working with vanilla JS.

  6. Love your story. Really shows the entrepreneurial mindset. Something I need to work on myself.

    Loved how you created the front end on google then remapped it to flask.

    Please update us on your journey in the future and good luck.

  7. Did you know html or css? Did you need it to develop the site?

    Been interested in using flask for a web app since some time ago but it keeps me from it cause I’ve read that i need to know those 2.

    Great site, by the way! Good job!

  8. Hi you inspired me as I’m on the same path with Flask, finally understanding & getting it to run on an Ubuntu EC2 with Apache Web Server. I’m having trouble connecting to an aws rds (Mysql) though, any links to where i can see the code for that or tutorial?


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