High Tech Hacks 2022! ! !

Hey guys! I’m excited to share with you an exciting upcoming hackathon, High Tech Hacks 2.0! High Tech Hacks is a free, international 24-hour hackathon on May 21-22nd, 2022 open to all high schoolers hoping to learn a new coding skill, compete for awesome prizes, or work with other like-minded hackers. Let’s invent, create, and push the boundaries of technology (as much as we can at one hackathon)!

What to expect:

* Last year, participants learned the basics of web development, Python, virtual reality, and how to make a Discord bot from current software engineers at Microsoft, Amazon, Twilio, other tech companies, and Columbia University SHPE.
* Thanks to our company sponsors, each participant last year received nearly $400 worth of free software and swag.
* Register to earn FREE swag (t-shirts, water bottles, stickers!)
* Network with other passionate STEM high school students from around the world! (Last year we had participants from 26 countries signed up already!)

This year we have even bigger prizes, competitions, and speakers so stay tuned!

Reach out to me with more questions or email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). Happy hacking! 😀

Sign up here to confirm your interest and get on our mailing list: [Click Here to Register](https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeuEUvQkLy-SOAE1wsi-wnPp4MQalNeirkwFXGGnmOCd3ZM8A/viewform?usp=sf_link)!

Also, meet other hackers by [Joining our Discord!](https://discord.gg/3SVxpAcpc4)

For more, [Check out our Website](https://www.hightechhacks.com/)

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