Could you explain me why the hate for Chromium? I see a lot of people defending Firefox just because “its not chromium”

**TLDR: I dont understand Firefox praising on this sub, the only benefit I found it's privacy which also Brave and Vivaldi offers.**

Firstly I want to clarify that eveyone it's free to use any browser you want. This is not a rant, or a "try to convice me to switch" and overall I dont want to spread hate, I just want to understand opposite point of view, so please be respectfull, thank you.

Currently using Edge, and yes, it's not open source, it's chromium and its propietary software with a ton of telemetry but I like it because it's fast and efficient, I have a pretty good PC (i9 9900k, 32gb RAM, 500gb NVMe, RTX 2070 SUPER...) and some browsers like chrome (at least before Chrome 100, i read it's now fast af but I'm used to Edge). I tried to use different browsers, almost I tried to use the top 10 most used browsers except safari duo to I'm on Windows, and the most I liked was Edge and Brave, being Vivaldi and Chrome near behind.
Firefox gave me the worst experience. It takes some time to load Gmail, drive and specially YouTube and twitch, maybe de difference it's 2 or 3 seconds but it breaks my browsing flow, It's like I spend money on a monster PC that struggles on some basic tasks.

Privacy it's another matter, I dont care because companies takes my info just for showing ads and relevant content for me and I'm okay with the second thing (I think that companies showing me content I could like it's okay, a win/win) plus and I'm a uBlock + PiHole setup.

So, other than privacy, which it's not the only one browser that offers good privacy policies (Brave, Vivaldi and others I dont have in mind), what are your reasons due to people here using Firefox and hating chromium engine?

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  1. Google controls the Chromium project. If more and more people use Chromium-based browsers, that gives Google more control over the web itself. Google can single-handedly implement and ship a web platform feature in Chromium that is *not* a web standard, but it becomes a de-facto standard because Chromium has the majority market share. This is already happening today. In the worst case scenario, the web may stop being a shared resource that we all shape but instead a Google product. Imagine if a company took control over nature, the air, oceans. Universal common goods need to be free from companies. There needs to be balance. If Firefox and Safari had more market share, there would be a balance of control over the web.

    That is my reason for using Firefox.

  2. Monopoly, this has been discussed countless times before. Imagine (not saying it is likely), Chromium is the only engine, and then Google says Chromium stops being open source. Other companies would have a lot of catching up to do, trying to compete with Chrome, which would be the only one having all the recent Google code.

    That’s why, to protect against monopoly, having a few competeing engines.

  3. Soon Manifest V3 could be enforced by Google which is the major developer of chromium and that could lead to death of adblockers in browsers like chrome and edge.

    Firefox has adblock extensions working in android.

    Firefox mobile supports video playback in background.

    Firefox mobile supports video playback even with screen off. Works great with youtube. So firefox is my default youtube player in android, especially after the demise of vanced app.

    Firefox desktop does no longer have any issues with youtube or gmail. I don’t use twitch.

    I need bottom placed address bar in phone which is there in Firefox.

    I need the bitwarden extension to save passwords in android which is only supported by Firefox.

  4. Chromium is OK but is dangerously close to monopoly (and thus dictating web standards and controlling the whole web experience).

  5. My reason, quite simple. Monopolies are ALWAYS bad. There can never be a good monopoly, and any company that tries to make a monopoly NEEDS to be stopped. Chromium (and therefore google) has a near monopoly on browser engines, so if there is a non-chromium option, I’ll use it.

  6. Normies dont hate it. They couldnt care less. Its just a small segment of users who care. Hence why this subs got like 16,000 subscribers

  7. Philosophy. Less choice. If everything is Chromium based, Google not only owns the top browser (Chrome) but all the other browsers too.

  8. chromium is simply functionally crippled, misses a lot of basic features and extensions API is useless, and on windows it can’t even render text properly and on android text is sharp but way too big (because it ignores systemwide scaling)

    unfortunately Quantum mimicks most of issues their API has so nowadays we’re just doomed, it’s too late

  9. Blurry text, blurry images, blurry videos. Little to no interface customization apart from Vivaldi. Fix those and I’ll take another look.

  10. Firefox using own engine is just another benefit. I really use it because it’s simply a better browser. There is just bunch of little bits that just make it a better browser for me, mostly if I don’t like something, chances are, I can change that in about:config. With other browsers, I need to use some terrible hacks using badly done extensions or simply have no option. For example Vivaldi just doesn’t exist for iOS, Opera is absolute garbage on iOS, Brave still has incredibly sketchy syncing everywhere and things like last closed tab closing entire browser really annoy the f\*\*k out of me. Chrome, Edge and Brave, neither have option to turn that stupidity off. And on top of that, it has browser for all platforms. Windows, Linux, Android and iOS. No matter what OS I’m using, I can have Firefox installed there with fully functioning sync on top.

    Everyone is whining over speed of Firefox, but I honestly don’t have much issues with it. Everything works so fast in it that I simply don’t care, especially with installed adblock extension of sort really works fast as it filters out junk.


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