I made a chrome extension to automate my summer internship search

Applying to jobs is a tedious process, so I've decided to make it more efficient by creating a chrome extension: [https://github.com/Stephcraft/ThisWillGetMeAJob](https://github.com/Stephcraft/ThisWillGetMeAJob).

# What does it do?

It essentially lets me keep track of all the jobs I've applied to, through a google sheet (sort of acting like a database). Because there are many platforms out there such as LinkedIn, Indeed & AngelList, it is a challenge to keep track of each job application. The extension adds a button called 'Just do it' next to 'Apply' on the supported job boards. When clicked, all the data from the job application gets scrapped (things like company name, logo, website, position name...) and sent to the google sheet 'database'. From there you can set the state of your job application: (Applied > Considered > Retained > Interview > Offer > Job). The state will automatically be set to ghosted after two weeks if no state has been specified.

The extension also supports auto-filling on the MyWorkDay platform because it is one of the most tedious application forms out there. It auto-fills the signup with a predefined login email/password of your choice, resume, skills, etc... at the click of a button. (This saved me a lot of time)

Finally, the latest feature I have added is Alerts (from LinkedIn and Indeed for now). These alerts are better than email notifications for many reasons: (1) email job alerts are spammy and mostly on a daily basis, (2) the format varies from platform to platform, and (3) the time to access the job application takes longer. With a popup alert, you receive instantaneous feedback on when a job is posted (which is a huge advantage because it allows you to be amongst the first applicants and to have your resume at least seen in a 200+ applicant pool)

# Statistics from my internship search

I have been using my extension for 3 months while adding some of the additional features mentioned along the way. I have applied to 400 jobs and here are the stats:

* Start date: *Jan 7, 2022*
* Average reply time: *11 days*
* Ghosted by: *265 (around 2/3)*
* Refused by: *117 (around 1/3)*
* Rejected by: *382* (Refused + Ghosted)
* Considered by: *12 Employers (3%)*
* Got: *7 Interviews*

I was able to aggregate interesting data visually, check it out: [https://imgur.com/a/fRpnWgr](https://imgur.com/a/fRpnWgr)

# Reflection on my performance

The initial problem encountered was that I was applying to jobs posted 30+ days ago. This is because by default job boards sort by 'relevance' which tend to show these older jobs that most likely are already filled. This is when I invested a week to implement the alert system to not only improve my punctuality but also to make the process more natural (jobs come to me instead of me going every day to find 5 jobs to apply to). You can see the clear difference on the job application performance graph (Week of Feb 12 - Feb 19 is when I put my time into making the alerts instead of applying)

Recently, after going to a resume review session at a career fair, I realized that my resume was misleading. I am a 2nd-year Computer Science student at University with 5+ years of self-taught experience. But because my previous experiences and projects were mostly video game related, in 5 seconds of looking at my resume, employers probably toss my resume away thinking I'm only a video game developer and that its not a good fit. I also put some website projects and all the programming languages I know which is a general approach instead of a specific one to the job in question.

# Next steps

I would be interested in turning this prototype into a deployable chrome extension with many more cool features, better interface, more polished etc... having a team would be cool or at least sharing ideas together sounds awesome too.

I will also say this: my job search is still ongoing.

In any case, feel free to send me a private message @ [u/Stephcraft](https://www.reddit.com/u/Stephcraft/)

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