What is your opinion today about Ant Video Downloader?

AntVD was my favorite addon to download vids..

Several months ago AntVD have made some fundamental updates, and when I had updated at the time, both the addon and the Native app, alot of videos failed to download, So I downgraded to my last favorite version, noth Native and addon, and i havent updated since.. I also noticed that the newer versions of the addons are only compatible with the newer versions of the Native app (correct me if Im wrong)... I have also discovered it had lately gotten bad reviews on its addon page..

(I am on Windows 8.1 BTW)

But today many months have passed and I wonder if it had gotten good again?

Any feedback is appreciated.. thank you in advance..

1 thought on “What is your opinion today about Ant Video Downloader?”

  1. My experience with downloader addons has been bad. When it was the second time a video downloader addon played ‘bait and switch’, I downloaded youtube-dl and ‘External Application button’ and wired that together. And that works really well.

    Since that, I had to switch to yt-dlp, but the solution still stands.


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