Vivaldi browser – 2022 review after 1½ years of use

It was nice while it lasted, but Vivaldi is just too buggy and tares on your patience. The official sub is filled to the brim with bug reports and people having problems, yet nobody seems to want to admit it's a problem (*shrug*). The past year or so I've run into so many bugs. From the top of my head:

* (Current) Opening tabs causes browser to freak out and show an empty tab, which you have to tab out of.

* Picture-in-Picture stuff that made many images here on reddit just not work.

* Gifs could cause the browser to crash.

* Search function in settings just stopped working one day. Few weeks later it was randomly fixed.

* Bookmarks freaked out completely for some reason, and I had to 'redo' them manually.

* Browser basically freaked out completely for me about 1 week ago. New tabs were black images. Couldn't tab. Had to reinstall and try to mess around with exporting settings with that stuff happening.

* Pinned tabs would randomly go into hibernation mode despite being set not to.

* I remember Youtube freaking out for a few days that one time.

And honestly, there's too many updates. Every other *day* you have to pause your work to press a large "UPDATE READY" button next to the address field, or try to ignore it. Again implying that the browser is indeed bug-ridden, seeing how many times the devs need to push out new updates to fix them.

When the browser worked, it was fine. But even a customization *fanatic* like myself think there's ~50% too many settings. I never even used 80% of them. I just think the Vivaldi team are probably under-staffed, meaning they tend to focus on the wrong stuff. Anyway, Firefox is treating me nice so far. You can't customize *almost literally everything*, but it's still very customizable (at least compared to Chrome).

2/10 - Avoid unless you're *really* passionate about how you set up your tabs and functionality.

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  1. How could anyone use the browser you have so-called problems with, would not recommend to others, giving 2/10, FOR MORE THAN ONE YEAR?

    This review is fake and non-genuine.

  2. Nothing of this happened to me too.. The only annoying problem is slowness/lags of whole interface, but that just means that you have to “wait” 1-10ms more then in, let’s say, Brave. But instead you have: customizable adblocker and almost everything else that you can change to your needs (even UI). I’ve seen none of the other browsers to give you such freedom in turning on/off their features. Also there are occasional crashes, but they are usually fixed fast. For me it’s probably 8/10. But here 10 is my “ideal” and really none of the browser achieves that now. So the 8/10 is probably the highest score on market for me today 🙂

  3. I’ve not experienced most of these bugs personally. There’s some instability with rendering but nothing that would put me off from using it. And I guess it’s also generally slower than most chromium browsers, though.

  4. Well, I haven’t updated since 5.2.2623.26 (holding in my package manager config) because they seem to push even buggier versions lately.

    I can’t recreate your bugs though… Maybe because I use the Linux build. Most of the bugs that used to happen to me have been fixed already… But, I got a different list of bugs happen to me instead (with my profile and a clean one):

    * The ghost New Tab. Trying to open a new tab (via Ctrl+T shortcut) has a really small chance of making it happen. The tab list doesn’t get updated with it. And the top tab selector just goes crazy. Opening several tabs doesn’t seem to make it appear in the list. I have to use Ctrl+W shortcut to close it and try again or close the whole window when that happens.

    * The Atlassian Login ID Page browser crash. The page works perfectly on Chromium. It only happens with my laptop but it works just fine on desktop. I tried with different clean profiles. The RAM usage goes up really fast and then it will just output “Core Dumped”.

    * Google Chat laaag. Under chromium it works just fine. Vivaldi, however, seems to be quite laggy lately when scrolling inside any type of conversation (groups, chats, threads…).

    * The microphone configuration seems to break every few days. It switches to a “Default” device which doesn’t work. And I only have one microphone in both devices. Just switching it back to “Builtin Input [long name]” fixes it.

    Still more stable than Teams for Linux.

  5. Hahah the irony of reading a review about Vivaldi when I’m using it everyday including browsing reddit. Never had an issue with Vivaldi and I’m using it in conjunction to Brave Nightly.

  6. i loved vivaldi but games like unity dont work well as vivaldi has little/ no hardware acceleration support but i have switched to opera and it feels very comfortable and theres no bugs and it feels more modern than vivaldi


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