216+ Ruby on Rails Open Source Applications You Can Use as a Reference

When you're uncertain about how to build a new feature, write a test, or how to organize code, one of the best ways to get unstuck is by looking at how other developers have built similar things.

There's a neat project called ***real-world-rails***, which is a massive library of 216+ Open Source Ruby on Rails Applications. You can easily use them as a reference.

I wrote a [blog post + video](https://www.hexdevs.com/posts/massive-list-of-open-source-ruby-on-rails-applications-you-can-use-as-a-reference/) about how to quickly search for things and answer your own questions. You can explore these codebases and do some fun code spelunking.

Some of the things you can search for:

* How to Write Services, Jobs, Worker Classes
* How To Structure a Large Ruby on Rails Applications
* Models With Inheritance or Complex Module Hierarchies
* Examples of Complex Ruby on Rails Features
* Some fun examples

I use this technique all the time. I think you will find it useful too!

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