Vagrant-libvirt and a qcow2 backup -> no IP

I'm suppsed to create a network with 3 maschines that already exsist in an testing enviroment using vagrant. On the host vagrant-libvirt is running and I was able to convert the exsisting backups (2qcow) of the maschines to vagrant boxes using an script from vagrant-libvirt git ([](

With this I can create a Vagrantfile that uses these boxes, but when I try to vagrant up the process is stuck on "Waiting for domain to get an IP address..."

These boxes already have a network konfiguration (because they are in use), so the snapshots have the same configuration.

I tried giving them the same adress, that they have in the real maschines but that to did not work.

From what my research could gether libvirt can not connect to the box without an IP, so it can never change the konfiguration on the maschine.

Is there still a way to do this?

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