I’m switching from Firefox to Edge

I have been using Firefox for 12 years now while trying to avoid Chrome for all this time. But since the new chromium-based Edge was released it got my interest.
I have been using it along with Firefox for a while and it just feels snappier and more responsive. I also love that some of my plug-ins in Firefox are default features in Edge, such as collections. My experience with it is just more friendly and smooth.

I don't know, it is a huge change to commit to after a decade of Firefox only environment.
Has anyone here done a similar switch? Any last hints that I might look for?

Open for discussion.

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  1. It is possible that your extensions on Firefox are decreasing performance compared to Edge. What do you have installed?

  2. What’s your opinion on differences in text rendering? My eyes get tired reading Chromium browsers’ blurry fonts. By the way, enable the “Enhance text contrast” flag in Edge to improve it a little bit.

  3. I switched a few years ago. Edge is much better, especially when you don’t care about privacy much. The PDF and collections features are unmatched elsewhere as far as I can tell.

  4. I went fro Firefox to Brave after almost 20 years, because I’m fed up with Mozilla’s bullshit. No biggie, just took a bit to get accustomed and that’s all.

  5. chredge is as bad as any other chromium clone

    but quantum isn’t much better, unfortunately mozilla decided to get rid of basically everything that gave them edge

  6. I’ve been using Firefox exclusively since it came out. But it does feel slower now. I jumped ship to Brave, and not looking back. It seems much faster and I like the interface better.

  7. I did a similar switch. I first switched to Chrome and shortly to Edge. Now I am using it more than a year and it goes very good so far

  8. Wear what fits you better.

    Edge is the “recommended” (ugh) browser for the average user and it’s fitted with many useful features. It’s reliable, fast and light on resources. Not so privacy-oriented.

    Usually people change browsers when they are too buggy, lose support or lack updates in general. No browser matches exactly other browser in features/UI, otherwise wouldn’t make sense creating a clone browser if it wasn’t for privacy, which isn’t the subject here.

    If you are okay with FF stick with it. If those extensions don’t make it worse on performance compared to Edge why care?

  9. I switched to Edge after using Firefox for a similar length of time as yourself. I had become fed up with some of Mozilla’s recent design choices and in my opinion both the desktop and mobile versions have become unnecessarily clunky to use. The proton redesign looks nice, but it’s ruined by all the pointless padding everywhere, which makes it look goofy in my opinion. The old design still looked modern and frankly there were better things that the dev team could have done with their time and resources.

    I don’t like Chrome and never have, I used to use Opera, but it’s a bit of a joke nowadays, Brave is too light on features for me and I didn’t want my browser to remind me of my privacy every time I used it. I love Vivaldi, but until they develop an iOS version I can’t use it as my main browser as I want to be able to have a seamless browsing experience across my iPhone and Windows PC. That just left Edge, and it actually really surprised me. It’s easily the fastest browser on Windows, in my experience at least, has a really nice interface and general aesthetic and has a surprisingly large amount of features that require add-ons in most other browsers. The iOS version is fantastic too, in comparison to Firefox’s mobile version, which used to be great until they made some really stupid decisions which made it a pain to use for me. Occasionally I’ll switch back to Firefox for a while, but inevitably switch back to Edge after a day or 2.

    Edge isn’t exactly perfect, I wish Microsoft would stop trying to shove it down everyone’s throats, and there are some privacy concerns if that matters to you. But then again the perfect browser doesn’t exist, but unless Mozilla gets their act together, I’ll be sticking with it for the foreseeable future.

  10. Ironically I think at this stage Edge stands a bigger chance of being a threat to a Google monopoly than Firefox.

    Remember that Mozilla still gets a lot of its funding from Google.

  11. I am doing the same thing. Been on Firefox for the past 4-5 years. I have tried Edge on and off the past few months but now trying it out exclusively for a while and see how it is. I will agree with you Edge feels very responsive and smooth.

    My issue with Firefox isn’t with Firefox but Mozilla themselves. For a little while now they seem lost, losing funding from Google and cut programs and engineers that I think were working on important projects. They’re putting in a lot of effort and money into their privacy activists stuff that they should be more focused on products and browser. It’s all the execs. I’m learning they just don’t care or something yet, they have big pay days.


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