I resurrected devise-otp from the dead

Hi all,

recently I wanted to include OTP verification to my app. Naturally I looked first at devise-otp which I used before. To my disappointment nothing changed with the gem since I did a Rails 5 forked release back in the day. So I kept looking., but it seemed like none of the Devise OTP gems work with latest Rails 7 and Hotwire.

Since I already used devise-otp before, I returned to my Rails 5 fork and tried if I can make it work with Rails 7 and Turbo. I made some progress so I commited to fix it. After I got it working, I asked the original maintainer for commit and release permissions.

Because the gem was updated, I got other contributions from n-rodriguez which helped me to polish the new release.

Why Devise::Otp?

\- It works with Rails 7 and Turbo.

\- It bundles JavaScript to generate the OTP QR code.

\- You can eject the views and set the path you want so it blends with your Devise installation.

\- Optional or mandatory mode.

\- Users can trust their browsers if they want to.

If you want to give it a go, download the new 0.3.0 release, and report any remaining issues :).


5 thoughts on “I resurrected devise-otp from the dead”

  1. Very nice, thanks for working on this! I need to add OTP to my app. I’m still on Rails 6, but hopefully it works there as well.


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