I’m building a reverse job board for Ruby on Rails developers

Hi! 👋 I'm Joe. I'm building a reverse job board to make it easier for Ruby on Rails developers to find their next gig.

I've been an independent developer for the past two years. And leads are rarely consistent. Sometimes I can't keep up with the work and other times I struggle to find my next gig.

[railsdevs](https://railsdevs.com) strives to give power back to the independent developer. Instead of companies posting their jobs, **developers post their profiles**. That way, the power dynamic is reversed as companies have to reach out to developers first.

Oh, the best part? railsdevs is [open source](https://github.com/joemasilotti/railsdevs.com/)!

If you're interested come add your profile. I'd love to help you find your next gig!


3 thoughts on “I’m building a reverse job board for Ruby on Rails developers”

  1. I can see this being really useful for an independent developer, but for those who go from full time job to full time job, posting that you are looking for work on a publicly searchable site is potentially risky.


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