Async Django ORM/Backend Engine – need help finishing it!

Hey all! We're getting ever closer to an asyncio Django ORM; Andrew Godwin made the initial steps for the ORM to be async-capable, and I've created the first steps for the base and aiosqlite engines. However, work has stalled. I'm calling any helpful developers to come pick up the PR!

Especially students! Reading source code is the best way to learn to code! If you have any trouble, the team is there to help ASAP!

I'm off to work on my startup the Ur (no, it's not an NFT :D). Also because of the pandemic, work has stalled. But the asyncio ORM dream is crucial to advancing Django. To help out, please visit my django fork and create PRs so that we have a centralized area to discuss designing the engine (since it's currently mostly just patching, not much good design as of yet), SQL compiler, etc. The Django team and I are always there to help.

The PR:

Cheers, welcome to the show, and thank you! If you have any questions, you can find my email in my GitHub profile.

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