[self-promote] My first browser extension (Cool Username Generator)

I just published [my first browser extension](https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/cool-username-generator/) to the Firefox Addons Store which let's you generate a random username with different settings to help you avoid using the same old cringy name that you've been using since your MySpace days in 2004. (\*wink)


As someone who appreciates the random password generation of my password manager extension, but also regularly creates new accounts with various websites, I feel this could be a very helpful tool to stay private while using the web.

It was a great learning experience, since I had very little contact with web technologies before.

2 thoughts on “[self-promote] My first browser extension (Cool Username Generator)”

  1. If you wanted to extend a cool idea could be added generation for things like fake names and dates of birth to go with the username. It could randomly generate information needed to create new accounts. Really cool extension!


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