Am I a full stack web developer?

Hello guys,

Sometimes I get nervous and I doubt my skills as a developer. I would really appreciate if someone gives me their opinion on this topic. I have created, deployed and managed 7 django web projects and did the backend for 1 mobile application. On 3 of these projects I was the project manager. One of them was really complex (Machine management system with multiple API sync's, integrated e-shop, lots of data formatting (like chemical cleaning)🧹 + lots of other features and custom content management system and separate CMS for admins and staff personnel + appointment management system + custom Django payment gateway. I did both the front end and backend using Django, Bootstrap, Custom JS, jQuery, and deployed the project on Google cloud, Debian, Apache.


- HTML/CSS 6+ years
- WordPress 6+ years (did some php work)
- Django and Python 3+ years
- I learned JavaScript in one month after 3 years of python experience
- Google cloud VMs 4+ years (management backups, site (20+) migrations, VPC, DNS, Snapshots, custom bash scripts for startups and crons.
- Debian user 6+ years
- SEO 5+ years

Most of the solutions that I come up with are coming easy and intuitively. I read docs and topics on web development and preparing myself before I solve the problem. Also, I often google stuff and go through stackoverflow.

Honestly I'm stuck at regex. I don't even want to learn it.

Can someone give me their opinion and tell me where am I at? What is my level?

3 thoughts on “Am I a full stack web developer?”

  1. You sound like a developer who follows traditional technologies. And this post looks like a resume.

    You have to imrpove yourself. Dont forget new is always better

  2. fullstack means front, back, and devops nowadays.
    it’s just a buzzword that’s useful for matching with freelance contracts imo

  3. I hire a lot of engineers and in my opinion full stack means you have significant experience with JavaScript, including a modern framework like React.


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