What’s going on with Devise for Rails 7 ?!

With no surprise Rails 7 was delivered end of last year. For months it was known to include Hotwire stimulus and turbo. The latest bringing a lot of changes on the way some response statuses are handled.

All the "breaking" changes have been documented by many Rails community members and at the time of writing the Devise GitHub repo is listing about 57 PRs waiting. When you look at them you quickly notice that most of the recent ones are addressing Rails 7 related issues.

We are now a quarter after the last commit and ... nothing.

I can understand that when a maintainer is a sole person, it's very very difficult to do things on time, but when you have the support of a large chunk of the community this should not be the case.

To the Devise team: How can we help you to expedite these PRs and get a version working with Rails 7 out of the box?

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  1. I am using fork in my Gemfile and waiting as well;). It’s hard to maintain smth like Devise but as you say, if they asked for help people might help out. I am just now fixing devise-otp plugin (literary bringing it from the dead) and will have it ready soon. I asked the maintainer for commit bit and RubyGems co-maintainership and got both so I can move forward.

  2. devise is dead, long live rodauth perhaps? I’ve long been wildly dissatisfied with the quality of the devise code, though I fully acknowledge how battle-tested it is, but I have a lot more trust in the Rodauth developer.

  3. I’m really confused I guess. I made a new rails 7app the other day and integration with devise was pretty straightforward. I can create and remove accounts, etc. Nothing seems different to me.

    Am I missing something?

  4. Last time this got brought up someone recommend some nice rack authentication program, and I forgot to save it. Anyone know the name?

  5. I made a fork of it :D.

    You can check it here: [https://github.com/Salanoid/devise](https://github.com/Salanoid/devise)

    I think the major problem is that they are not fully supported turbo, but I think they will in the near future. You can check the changes that I’ve made and use them in your app and revert them when they are done..

  6. I was really impressed by the number of patches Devise gem required,It was a nearly zero-config gem a few years ago.

    I found two main problems:

    * Error were not showing up, I use the patch suggested here:[`https://betterprogramming.pub/devise-auth-setup-in-rails-7-44240aaed4be`](https://betterprogramming.pub/devise-auth-setup-in-rails-7-44240aaed4be)
    * Logout uses delete method but the template are using a “old” style, not supported in rails 7The updated button should look like:

    `<%= link_to "Sign out", destroy_user_session_path, data: { "turbo-method": :delete }, class: "btn btn-danger ml-3" %>`

    Just for try Rails7 I am working on a boilerplate with rails7 devise and boostrap 5 here: [https://github.com/linediconsine/template-rails7-bootstrap5-devise](https://github.com/linediconsine/template-rails7-bootstrap5-devise) with above patches

    but I really hope devise get back on rails … soon… or a trusted solution come up


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