Uncensored Firefox sub

I have created this, in case you're interested.


Please, as I say in the sidebar, use your freedom wisely.

It's an uncensored sub, not an unmoderated one. Please, read the sidebar if you want to join.

EDIT: forgot to to say, suggestions are welcome.

If anyone is interested in moderating it, in accordance with the purpose and very generic rules of the subreddit, please PM me.

4 thoughts on “Uncensored Firefox sub”

  1. Aren’t you the guy who said “I left Mozilla months ago. I couldn’t care less to what happens to them, right now.” two days ago?

  2. Do you plan on banning the Firefox Crusaders? Because I’ll join just to watch them get put in their place. Bastards can’t understand simple English with a splash of criticism. It’s like they have some form of Munchausen by Proxy or something.

  3. Ahahaha, so you got downvoted for being wrong and your solution is to create your little bubble where you can control what is right or wrong. Good one. Have fun.


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