Turbo Rails 101: Building a todo app with Turbo

Hi folks ā€” I keep seeing folks stuck on and frustrated by the same few misconceptions about how to work with Turbo Streams and Turbo Frames. So, I wrote a beginner-focused, detail-heavy tutorial on using streams and frames in a simple todo application:


This tutorial is best suited for folks brand new to Turbo ā€” if you are already comfortable working with Frames and Streams in Rails, there may not be a lot of new info for you. If you are brand new to Turbo, this should give you a pretty gentle introduction to some of the core concepts and should hopefully let you avoid a few of the common roadblocks that I see folks running into when they are just getting started with Turbo, especially Turbo Streams.

10 thoughts on “Turbo Rails 101: Building a todo app with Turbo”

  1. This is great – thank you. I’ve enjoyed the other Turbo articles on your site. Quite helpful.

    I’ve always found myself stuck on certain architectural elements. Do all buttons need to be part of the frame? Can I complete what I need purely through Turbo or do I need to add Stimulus? How can I avoid just dumping every UI element in a single Turbo frame?

  2. Great work here and well put together. Iā€™d been putting off reading more up into Turbo and this was a great and succinct introduction!

  3. This was great! I’m a bit out of date on Rails and have been trying to catch up.

    One thing I was hoping you’d cover is how to broadcast the turbo stream updates. I’ve been messing with it but haven’t been able to get it working yet. Any advice?


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