Public problem solving: Staff engineer at Stripe and I tackle a task together

Hi everyone,

I am a junior RoR software engineer and a few years ago I launched a RoR webapp called Taaalk. It's a platform for people to have long-form publicly facing conversations.

I built up a bit of a community, but one day the server wiped and I lost all my data.

I now have the site up and running again, and to relaunch it I am having a "Taaalk" with a staff engineer at Stripe where we figure out how to use a download of the site to repopulate the database.

If you are interested, you can follow along here:


3 thoughts on “Public problem solving: Staff engineer at Stripe and I tackle a task together”

  1. Wow – I’ve got several reactions, all positive:

    – The linked conversation is very interesting. On an internet drowning in “Intro to X” tutorials, its incredibly useful to see people work through a real problem without an obvious solution.
    – The Taaalk platform seems like a nice platform, hope it catches on.
    – This reddit post is the best kind of self promotion. Done poorly, it could be dismissed as an ad for your service. But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with creating great content on your own service, and linking to the content itself.

  2. This is a really fucking cool site and a really fucking cool convo. If you want advise/help w a more robust system design, hmu! (I’m an SRE)

  3. Could you share how you are backing up your server and db this time?

    I’m using DO and I deploy my app directly to a Ubuntu instance. Then I have the backup feature turned on. So it saves images of my server and everyday.

    For DB, since I’m using for non-critical things, I just use sqlite. If the server has issue, I can recover the whole thing from the backup.

    If I’m using Postgres, I probably would use AWS dbs – like Aurora- with backup for that.


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