Dockerized iCloud – now with Photos!

I have added Photos features to my [iCloud-drive-docker]( project. Now you can use one Docker container to keep local copy of your iCloud drive and photos. I thought of letting you fine folks know if anyone wants to use it. Don't forget to star the repo if you end up using it. šŸ™‚


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[First release post](

9 thoughts on “Dockerized iCloud – now with Photos!”

  1. Hey! Any chance that this library can delete all photos in iCloud after downloading them? Iā€˜d very much love to use this to periodically sync my photos and free up space on the remote.

  2. This is great, but I’m only seeing a small number of my photos downloaded. (~3000 of 40,000). I have “albums” blank in config.yaml and I don’t see any any errors…

    Any ideas?

  3. I’m having issues getting this running. I’ve ran the docker command to enter my iCloud password and 2FA code but looking at the log of the container.

    2022-02-24 21:55:31,577 :: ERROR :: root :: :: 57 :: Error: 2FA is required. Please log in.
    2022-02-24 21:55:29,866 :: ERROR :: icloudpy.base :: :: 186 :: Authentication required for Account. (421)

    The first time I ran the `docker exec` command I was asked to enter my password and then 2FA code. Now when I run the command I’m not being asked for anything.


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