Who wants to learn Docker & Kubernetes this weekend?

I had put a lot of effort in creating this video series on Docker & Kubernetes for beginners. It consist of basics on Docker, Docker Swarm, Docker Stack, kubernetes, Installing Docker, minikube, kubernetes cluster, k3d cluster, creating Containers, Pods, Deployments, services, replicaset, HPA, Integration with Jenkins to deploy your application to Kubernetes cluster, kubernetes screts and more.

Docker: [https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVx1qovxj-amqyqHceAhkcsopzi4PFcKc](https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVx1qovxj-amqyqHceAhkcsopzi4PFcKc)

Kubernetes: [https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVx1qovxj-akr\_3XqQQgpqRyQw4GYuS4h](https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVx1qovxj-akr_3XqQQgpqRyQw4GYuS4h)

I am sure this will help you to enhance your skills. I would appreciate a look on it 🙂 . Constructive feedback is always welcome & be kind to subscribe.

21 thoughts on “Who wants to learn Docker & Kubernetes this weekend?”

  1. The jobs market is asking for this stuff over here in the UK. My work never embraced docker or kubernetes so I’m trying to learn so that I can change employer. Thanks for taking the time to make these, I’ll be checking them out

  2. Cheers. I already have a pretty efficient docker workflow, but k8s has been on my todo list for a while so I will definitely check this out.

  3. I am completely lost!

    There are 45 videos, and clearly most of them are not for beginners. Which ones are for beginners and where to start and in which order?
    Is there a step-by-step approach somewhere in here, beginning slow and building brick-by-brick?

  4. I’ve used docker to set up databases for local development and that’s it, so I am excited to finally get to learn it properly. Thank you for uploading!

  5. One thing you should include is how to deploy applications, when coming from a monolith.

    Example, you got PHP code, which connects to localhost Redis cache and some data on disk + network io (picture a cache avoiding network io).

    Coming from development, where you use some volume, to how to deploy the image in your k8s from your local registry, and how to clean those images a few years later so you don’t end up with a ton.


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