Netvyne – a Chrome extension to leave and read comments on any URL

Hi [r/chrome\_extensions](, trust 2022 is off to a good start! I’d like to introduce Netvyne, a tool which at its core is a Chrome extension that empowers you (the consumer) to leave and read comments on any URL.

There are many challenges with the current state of commenting on the Internet. Not every website has a comment section. Sites that do have a comment section sometimes close it for new comments. Even sites that go as far as to moderate the comments sometimes do so with noticeable bias. While comments can help consumers make informed decisions, our goal at Netvyne is to also address the emotional need to share and witness authentic reactions.

I was first introduced to this Chrome extension idea by a friend a couple years ago in college, and worked on it on-and-off as a side project (in Python+JS). At the start of last year, I picked it up as a serious undertaking and re-wrote the tool in Golang+React with a tightly-knit team of 5 fulltime people. A bunch of premature optimization and feature creep later, we're ready to launch with what I believe has a modicum of utility.

What differentiates us is that we’re building content moderation from the very start, which is more of an operations problem than a technical problem. We’re committed to civility of discussion over all else; if that means sacrificing “free” speech, or taking the site down temporarily while we scale up moderation, so be it. Timing-wise, people are increasingly familiar with the idea of Chrome extensions, and have also recognized the value of comments due in large part to the popularity of Reddit in recent years.

If you have a moment, try out our extension and please let us know what you think! [](

To make this interesting, we’ll donate $100 to Wikipedia if you can make us take the site down for more than 50% of any given 24 hour period (the site is considered down if there is no way for you to leave a comment).

On the flip side, if abusive/spam comments make up less than 10% of all comments AND there are more than 5,000 comments by the end of the week, I’ll open-source the client-side parts of the tool (web, iOS app & extension).

You can track these stats for yourself: []( We’ll post updates on Twitter ([@netvyne]( as we go!

Khalil & The Netvyne Team

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