Just Created a Stack overflow clone with almost every functionality

I just created a stack overflow clone using \`Django\`. I implemented almost every functionality of stack overflow.

I just want to know more, how stack overflow works and do tasks "Under the Hood".

The difference is they used \`C#\` with ASP.NET MVC and I used \`python\` with \`Django\`. They are working with team and I did it alone.

**Some of its functionalities are :**

* 50+ Badges are implemented to award
* 18+ Privileges to Earn
* Reputation Awarding
* Privilege and Activity Notifications
* Asking and Answering Questions
* Live Q&A Markdown Preview
* User @ mentioning in comments
* Create and award Bounties
* Threading to keep track of the remaining days of Bounty
* Reviewing Tasks :
* First Question Review
* First Answer Review
* Late Answer Review
* Review Flag Posts
* Review Flag Comments
* Review Close Votes
* Review Reopen Votes
* Review Low-Quality Posts
* Review Suggested Edits

My main focus was to make it simple as possible, so developers don't have any issues to understand how queries and functions are executing.

And much more. You can find list of all functionalities [Here](https://github.com/Yawan-1/StackOverFlow--Clone/blob/master/Functionalities.md).

>Here is link [https://stonkoverflow.herokuapp.com/](https://stonkoverflow.herokuapp.com/) of a working live demo

>[GitHub](https://github.com/Yawan-1/StackOverFlow--Clone) Link to the Project

If you have any questions about this product then you can email me or comment.

If you want to suggest a feature request Or You think there's some bugs in the project then you can create a pull request, you can also email me.

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