I’m building an open source reverse job board for Rails developers

Hi! 👋 I'm Joe Masilotti. I'm building [`railsdevs`](https://railsdevs.com) to make it easier for Ruby on Rails developers to find their next gig.

[`railsdevs`](https://railsdevs.com) strives to give power back to the independent developer. Instead of companies posting their jobs, developers post their profiles. That way, the power dynamic is reversed as companies have to reach out to developers first.

[`railsdevs`](https://railsdevs.com) is being built around three core values:

1. Empowering the independent developer
1. Doing everything in public
1. Creating a safe, inclusive environment

[`railsdevs`](https://railsdevs.com) is an Open Startup *and* open source. It operates fully transparent and shares its metrics, like revenue and traffic.

* [Source code](https://github.com/joemasilotti/railsdevs.com/)
* [Public analytics](https://app.usefathom.com/share/cacnfaan/railsdevs.com)
* [Revenue and expenses](https://github.com/joemasilotti/railsdevs.com/wiki/Monies)
* [Bug reports](https://app.honeybadger.io/project/EKRGgkQdR0)

On top of that, I'm making all my decisions in public. I'm posting questions and ideas when I'm looking for feedback on [GitHub Discussions](https://github.com/joemasilotti/railsdevs.com/discussions). And I'm tweeting about work in progress (and sneak previews) [on Twitter](https://twitter.com/joemasilotti).

If you're a freelance Rails developer looking for your next gig I recommend you [add your profile](https://railsdevs.com)! The site is 100% free for developers and has connected devs to paid contracts.

6 thoughts on “I’m building an open source reverse job board for Rails developers”

  1. Some feedback – how do I change my email and password or delete my account?

    On the edit developer page, the form description says “This information will be displayed publicly so be careful what you share.” but immediately after that, the first input is name which apparently won’t be displayed publicly.

  2. > Open Startup and open source. It operates fully transparent and shares its metrics, like revenue and traffic.

    I think this is my favorite part. I knew it was open source, but I didn’t realize those metrics were public.

  3. Being an open source project, this could be a great opportunity for aspiring/junior developers to get some experience to help them get their first/next job.

    Since experienced devs have no problem getting job offers on LinkedIn, maybe the mission of this project could be to help those juniors who are struggling to find work.

  4. been thinking about building something like this for a long while now, but ultimately … it’s solved by linkedin, hired, angel etc

    then I’m thinking, well, I’m gonna add some rails interviews here, so developer can take test once and apply multiple times …. which I’m not sure that works, as one person here said:
    “I talk to candidate for an hour and can tell whether they know what they talking about”

    so then I’m like.. i’m gonna rails bootcamp.. and… and none of this fits market


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