Building (almost) instant search with the Hotwire stack

Hi folks,

I know a lot of people are trying to parse through how Turbo works, what "Hotwire" is, and why they should care.

I wrote this article back in August and just updated it today (after another post here made me realize how terribly out of date my original article was) to use some of the recent additions to Turbo.

Hopefully its a useful introduction for folks looking for step-by-step guides on what you can build with Turbo (Drive and Frames) and Stimulus: [](

The URL says Rails 6, but the updated content is written against Rails 7.

Hope you enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Building (almost) instant search with the Hotwire stack”

  1. This is great, thanks for sharing!

    What would it look like if the form was creating a new object instead of searching? Because in that case I imagine you’d want to update the frame that shows all the players but you also want to update the frame of the form, to show any validation errors. Can this be done without streams?


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