6 years of building Laravel Shift

Shift turns 6 years old today!

During that time it's upgraded 53621 Laravel apps. Thanks everyone here on Reddit - appreciate the sharing and support over the years.

Looking forward to the release of Laravel 9 in January. It should be a big upgrade cycle!

If you're interested in the full story behind Shift, from the beginning with business decisions and personal struggles, check out this [massive post](https://jasonmccreary.me/articles/grinding-to-million-dollar-revenue-saas/) from when Shift broke $1,000,000 in revenue.

11 thoughts on “6 years of building Laravel Shift”

  1. Congrats on the milestone Jason! Been using shift more over the last year or two and been really impressed with the service and support. I usually like to do my first app upgrade, for new Laravel versions, by hand to get a deeper grasp on the changes but then bring in shift to save going through the process on other apps. I’ve also found workbench pretty handy in a few cases recently.

  2. I’ve never used shift but I love thats it there, available and affordable if I were ever in the situation to need it. Thanks for all your hard work and commitment it’s a great service and I’m not surprised it’s helped over 53k apps to upgrade.

    Fantastic, well done.

  3. That’s awesome! Congrats!

    I just started writing something as a hobby and shift is definitely on my to get list if I’m ever able to get to over an acceptable finish line 🙂 Many thanks for the hard work.

  4. Really interesting read. You expressed a strong desire for recognition for the contribution to the community – I know that contribution has been massive! Best wishes for you and your growing family :-).

  5. Upgraded from 5.1 to 8 using Shift. It wasn’t perfect (lots of customization for this particular app) but saved me a TON of time. Will definitely continue using it.


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