6 thoughts on “Recommendations for learning Django from Scratch”

  1. I knew nothing about Django 6 months ago. I’d just started learning Python and wanted to get into web development so it came along.

    I first started using Flask and did a simple blog then moved to Django as I wanted to use Wagtail as my CMS.

    I just watched hours and hours of YouTube vids, taking notes, trying to understand everything not just copying things. Every tutorial I tried I would always customise things, add my own features, this would bring problems that I would have overcome myself, I learnt a lot by making my own mistakes.

    Along the way I learnt the basics of HTML, CSS, started understanding Git/GitHub and now want to learn HTMX and some JS. So be prepared to learn that stuff too.

    My advice is to just try building something, use a book or tutorial but add your own features. Take notes. Don’t just copy code. I’m still a beginner but I can now happily produce a simple website, but I love learning more and more, Python is so amazing and what can be achieved with Django is so good.

  2. MDN tutorial. Django docs tutorial. DiangoGirls tutorial.

    Do those, then do something on your own. Maybe a reddit clone, or something simple, but do it without following along something step by step.

  3. Coursera course: Python Django – The Practical Guide
    Academind by Maximilian Schwarzmüller, Online Education. Maximilian covers the right topics and at a good pace.

  4. The 3 books by Will Vincent (Django for beginners, Django for professionals and APIs with Django {not sure about exact title}, in that order) are very good.


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