Django + Htmx 💚 List of video tutorials for beginner to intermediate

Htmx, Django, Python: we love you! 😁It's so much fun to be able to create dynamic web apps fast.Here's a list of beginner friendly, practical tutorials that let you create **awesome stuff** in no time.

**Django and HTMX - Bugbytes <-- start here** Tutorial series that focusses on a fun Htmx project in Django [\_rZ6gk&list=PL-2EBeDYMIbRByZ8GXhcnQSuv2dog4JxY]( **Django, Htmx and Tailwind Todo Application - by Code with Stein** Nice looking, beginner friendly todo list app tutorial. Part 1: []( Part 2: []( **Try Django 3.2 - Python Web Development Tutorial - CodingEntrepreneurs** More expansive tutorial series about Django, video 65 and up are about Htmx. [\_cSoWTFw8zaMdTEXgL&index=1]( **Dynamic Django forms without writing any JavaScript - Matt Segal** A single video about building a form in Htmx []( **Dynamic list views with Django and htmx - Matt Segal** Really well explained & detailed tutorial about dynamic list views. [\_O7iwsTvVv0]( **Django Dynamic forms tutorial with Htmx - JustDjango** Single video about Django Formsets and replacing them with Htmx [\_DjIfnBo]( Do you happen to know more practical clear Django Htmx video tutorials? Comment below and I'll add them to the list.

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  1. I want to take a dab at htmx and spend some time checking it out. One question that I do have and would gladly receive an answer to: Does htmx offer any performance benefits over Django Templates or Jinja2? Because from what I understand, a htmx js script gets loaded on the client side but not sure how much it really alleviates the workload for the server. The template engine still need to render all that and so thos maybe why I don’t see speed mentioned as htmx’s selling point. But I do meed to check it out. All in one Ajax + templating stuff soumds really attractive.


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