One of the best community out there. No doubt.

Hi! In this holiday season, i want to take time to thank you all.
You are without any doubt one of the greatest webdev community on reddit. I ask a ton of questions, and everything, in a matter of minutes, i have a pertinent and complete answers. I’ve never been told once that my questions is dumb. My web dev skills have improved massively this year and it’s mainly because of you all!

Thanks a lot and have a wonderful Christmas (or whatever holiday you are celebrating) !

4 thoughts on “One of the best community out there. No doubt.”

  1. Agree, have had some exchanges on here where we didn’t quite agree at first but the conversation was courteous and in the end I think we all learned something. I’m also still learning but want to share what I have learned so others can avoid the frustrations I’ve had. It means I’m not always right but a friendly correction is great for everyone.

    Well done everyone, real life Karma for all!


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