Gotenberg – A Docker image for converting documents to PDF

Hello r/docker,

Converting documents to PDF is often a PITA; most of the time, you have to rely on external tools and you have to learn how to interact with them, plus worry about scaling, concurrent requests, orphan processes, zombie processes, files leaking, and so on. [Gotenberg]( handles the boring stuff for you, as it packages all its dependencies in a Docker image with an API written in Go to ease the interactions with these tools.

This last august, I've released the v7 of [Gotenberg](, after more than a year of intermittent work. With more than 20 million pulls from Docker Hub, I'd love some feedbacks from the community, as I have often no idea about who's using it 🙂

Anyway, I hope converting documents to PDF will now be easier for you folks 🙂

7 thoughts on “Gotenberg – A Docker image for converting documents to PDF”

  1. It is absolutely gorgeous. I am using it for creating all kinds of documents from html using chromium module.
    As we use our own CAs, getting chromium to accept certificates of those was very hard.
    I am curious about your plans for Gotenberg. Is there any chance to print warnings and errors of chromium to the log?

  2. I got the honor to recreate our customer document generation (in PHP). Previously we were using mPDF and my first approach was to test if Gotenberg would work with our setup.

    I made some comparisons, especially for speed.

    Hello World Document:
    mpdf: 0.3 seconds
    Gotenberg: 1.3 seconds

    Real customer invoice:
    mpdf: 2.1 seconds
    Gotenberg: 1.3 seconds


    Then i fiddled around with using Guzzle and Async Requests

    20 customer invoices:
    mpdf (sync): 39 seconds
    Gotenberg(async): 3 seconds


    I love the project, thanks for your effort, cant wait to finish the implementation. The best thing, is that your Project is easy to setup and you do it the (only) right way, rendering HTML in a “real” Browser to generate a PDF. Gotenberg (or headless Browser PDF generation) beats every PHP-PDF-Engine out there. So: Thanks again!

    Also, [paperless-ng]( uses Gotenberg for converting office-documents to PDF i think

  3. Awesome tool I have did some work on it recently and it is really good, I would like if you consider adding RTL support to it.


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