FlaskCon 2021 Videos

FlaskCon 2021 / https://youtube.com/c/flaskcon

This edition hosted another round of great Flask content, coupled with the inclusion of Podcasts. Have fun watching!


Flask-Multipass - A pluggable authentication framework for Flask by Adrian Monnich

Debugging flask application within a docker container using VSCode by Ashok Tankala

Enabling multi-tenancy with werkzeug by Abdeali (Ali) Kothari

Building Scalable APIs Using Flask and Docker by Emma Donery

Application config management: Lightweight but enterprise-ready by Abdeali (Ali) Kothari

Hassle Free Desktop Apps with Flask by Alin Climente

Whole stream with QnA


Making Location-Searchable Sites Using Geocoding and Elasticsearch by Jay Miller

Dockerizing Flask For Production by Nico Plyley
[ speaker out ]

Testing Flask Applications with pytest by Patrick Kennedy

Improve the efficiency of your Flask app's frontend by Randy Duodu

[ audio not good, in livetream talk to be found with good audio,
will send updated link soon ]

Building Secured Flask Apps by Randy Duodu

[ audio not good, in livetream talk to be found with good audio,
will send updated link soon ]

HTMX + Flask: Modern Python Web Apps, Hold the JavaScript by Michael Kennedy

Whole stream with QnA


Workshop: Building An Awesome SASS App by Sumukh Sridhara

Workshop: Packaging a Flask App: Deep Dive Into The Wheels of Packaging by Alexander Hultner


Podcast: How To Leverage Flask To Win Hackathons by Anush Krishna V

Podcast: Building And Shipping Flask Side Projects Fast With Abhishek Kaushik

Podcast: Experience Learning Flask With David Carmichael


Look out for the next edition!

1 thought on “FlaskCon 2021 Videos”

  1. I’m not sure what “speaker out” means but if the talk about Dockerizing a Flask app in production got skipped because they didn’t show and someone is itching to run a Flask app in production with Docker that’s a similar topic to what I covered in my DockerCon talk a few months ago.

    It was a live demo (0 slides) going over a production ready Flask app using Docker and Docker Compose. The video and ~7,000 word blog post to go with it is at https://nickjanetakis.com/blog/best-practices-around-production-ready-web-apps-with-docker-compose.

    I would have liked to submit a talk for FlaskCon this year but every time I’ve submit one in the past I haven’t gotten a response. Not even a denial, just ghosted.


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