Extension to find same products from small biz (instead of mega-retailers)

Looking for feedback from this really savvy group of extension users. My team just launched [goodbuy](https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/goodbuy/gbkledplffaceibmjglphjeoghkkdhjg?hl=en) ([trygoodbuy.com](https://trygoodbuy.com)) which we're calling "the easy button for conscious shopping." It's a chrome browser extension that intercepts folks when they're shopping on mega-retailers and redirects them to a small business.

We have over 183k small businesses and 19 million products in our database and we additionally vetted businesses along 15 owner-identities/business owners: AAPI-owned, American made, Black-owned, certified ethical (B Corp, Fair Trade, etc), cruelty free, family-owned, Indigenous-owned, Latina/o/x-owned, LGBTQIA+ owned, local, owner(s) with disability(ies), sustainable, women-owned, vegan, and veteran-owned.

PLEASE share any feedback here. Definitely looking to hear from frequent extension users.

1 thought on “Extension to find same products from small biz (instead of mega-retailers)”

  1. Quick bit of feedback: Step 1 of the tutorial (“Look for the widget”) makes it seem like I need to click on the widget. My screen is sized in a way where the “next step” is cut off at the very bottom and for a couple minutes I thought the tutorial had frozen.

    But that’s it! I’m excited to use this, it makes it way easier. I’m going to send this along to my parents for Christmas shopping.


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