Extension: Bringing back the YouTube dislike counter.

As some of you might know, today is the first day of the end of the dislike counter on youtube.

Is there something like an extension for the youtube dislike button already, if so, let us know.

For those of you developers, now is the time to fill the hole, although I know that there is the possibility, that YT might bring the dislike counter back after some time.

5 thoughts on “Extension: Bringing back the YouTube dislike counter.”

  1. There are a couple that do that currently, but they use the API that requests dislike count. But that will probably be removed by YouTube then no extension will be able to unless they find a different way to get the data

  2. We should have had a plugin that compared views to likes, and compared that to historical data of like/dislike ratios in order to present a “Probably good/no good” rating.


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