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Hey guys, I just launched [](

Any feedback will be highly appreciated. I know I have to work on the content side of things but it's a start. Along with the website, I also started The Laravel Magazine Podcast.

Looking forward for your thoughts.


24 thoughts on “Laravel Magazine”

  1. I normally hate things like this, but man you completely smashed this! I love the look and the amount of work you’ve obviously put in. This looks really well done.

  2. Looks great – looking forward to taking a read through some of your articles :-).

    Did you build it from scratch or is the site based on a CMS framework of some kind? Perhaps a WP site?

  3. Just FYI – “Laravel” is trademarked and generally not allowed for use within product or domain names. Don’t be surprised if asked to change the domain. Might even be best to be proactive and ask for permission.

    Not sure how gets away with it… Maybe they predate the trademark?

  4. That’s one of the best projects od that kind I’ve seen for a long time! I usually don’t like 10th or so page with news but that one is a big hub for Laravel. I hope you’ll make their official landing page in the future 😀
    Also, totally LOVE the design!

  5. Great site! Looking forward to seeing how it gets built out. One suggestion: on the podcast page where you have the “Available On” logos, you might want to make those links to the podcast on those services so the user doesn’t have to search for it manually.

  6. This is not a magazine, it’s just a blog. I don’t see anywhere to subscribe to have the magazine delivered to my house.

    Did you get trademark approval from Taylor to call it that? I think it sounds too official with that name.

  7. This looks awesome, and the content is even better. one thing I did notice however is on []( the second post ‘Disable lazy loading in Laravel with preventLazyLoading() method’ on the right where the user icon and categories are, they are not as far to the right as any of the other posts.


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