Content about web3, crypto, coins, etc not related to django

I removed a post earlier about web3 usage with Python. It was removed because it had no relation to (or mention of) django.

That said, I'm iffy about even django-related articles on these topics.

While I personally find this stuff neat from an implementation standpoint and while it may have potential in some areas (probably solving 'boring' problems, and it may benefit folks in countries with poor economic flexibility for instance), keep in mind that a LOT of stuff related to crypto/web3/coins etc is speculative and often in a similar vein as MLM, pyramid schemes, and other scams. (I am well-read on each these and understand their differences, but the overlap in proponents of all three is significant enough to group them here for discussion)

There are an enormous number of folks getting rich off the backs of the even greater numbers of uninformed, foolish, and get-rich seekers.

As moderator, part of my role is keeping this a safe environment for learning about a topic I really love: the django project. I'm not outright banning content on web3, crypto, bit/eth/doge etc, but I will probably have a heavier hand on these topics than other stuff.

I guess this is all to say, just be careful. Not all that glitters is gold, and not everyone excitedly peddling something is doing it in your interest.

4 thoughts on “Content about web3, crypto, coins, etc not related to django”

  1. I for one appreciate such proactive modding. Too many subs become a mess of posts unrelated to the topic, or worse. Keep up the good work!

  2. I clicked through to that web3 post and had similar thoughts. It was an advertisement. Thanks for being on top of the moderation and also for explaining your reasoning.

  3. Agreed, if you wanted to promote a web3-related django project/package r/django is a better subreddit. This one shouldn’t be treated as the general-purpose django subreddit.


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