My wife explaining containers to my mother in law

Neither of them are very tech savvy, although some of what I do has rubbed off on her for sure. My mother in law however, barely can use her iPhone. Not her fault, she is plenty smart, just not her speed.

I walk out of my office to here my wife on the phone saying "Well we think of computers like things we can touch, and these are computers that you can't touch" and then she looks up at me.

She says to me, "Am I explaining containers right to mom?"

I pause and laugh and say "Yes you are dear, its perfect"

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  1. We used to say the difference between hardware and software is you can smash the hardware with a hammer. I guess with cloud computing hardware is something you want to smash with a hammer, but you don’t know where it is.

  2. DVDs vs VHS.

    Most computers are like VHS. If you left the video in a bad place, turning the VCR off and back on won’t solve anything.

    Containers are like DVDs. Restart the system and it’s like a clean slate.

    The art is in making DVDs that are designed to start exactly where you want them to be when you turn the system on.

  3. I was helping my mother-in-law (MIL) about 8 months ago with some event, and we had time to kill. I was explaining what I was doing for a project for work and I was explaining containers. I forgot what analogy I was using but she understood it. Some months later I brought up containers again and she said “oh, I remember!”

  4. We had a guy in our team use the pets vs livestock analogy but he had it all backwards. He says:

    “containers are like cattle and servers are like pets”.

    He noticed the strange looks we were giving him and he went on to explain:

    “Farmers are professionals. They spend a lot of money on medical treatments for their livestock because they make you heaps of money and cows are expensive to replace. If you have a cat and it gets sick you can just throw it in the street and get a new one because cats are cheap and you can’t make money from a cat.”


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