A collection of amazing projects made with our favorite Python web framework!


I am very excited to announce **MadewithDjango** \- [https://madewithdjango.com/](https://madewithdjango.com/)

Idea is to show amazing projects and apps that can motivate newbies coming to the ecosystem about the things that they can build with it and a lot of other cool resources in one place.

I was working on this in my spare time for the last couple of months.

Stack used -

* Django \[ Ofcourse \]
* tailwindcss
* Alpine JS

Please visit the site and let me know if you found any bugs or if you have any feature requests.

Suggestions/criticisms are welcome!

9 thoughts on “A collection of amazing projects made with our favorite Python web framework!”

  1. Looks great and I love the idea. Looks like LeanrDjango should be LearnDjango. Also I don’t think the cards should repeat the Made with Django title on each card.

  2. Great, well done!

    One suggestion for the submission form: for the Twitter account it would be helpful to have an example of what format you want the data in. I wondered if it should be like “philgyford” or “@philgyford”… and it turns out the form would only accept a URL!

  3. Hi, I’m still a newbie with Django, so i wanted to ask a few questions to better understand your thought process:

    What did you use to host this site? How did you decide that?

    Is the whole project just one app in your django project? If I recall, I remember seeing a different post where someone said Alpine integrated really smoothly with Django.

    Did you use the dj rest framework by any chance?

    That’s really it! Your website looks so cool and clean man I will definitely share it around!


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