Tab Selection/Interaction Tool that respects Tab Groups (IE: Ignores Hidden Tabs)?

I've recently begun to use Simple Tab Groups to better organize my browsing sessions (including discarding inactive tabs/tab groups). I've used FoxyTab regularly up until recently, when I discovered some compatibility issues between FoxyTab and STG. Namely, FoxyTab recognizes Hidden Tabs (IE: Tabs in other Tab Groups) as part of the current window. For example, if I select "Copy Tab URLs to the Right", it will copy Tab URLs from different Tab Groups if their position among the hidden tabs is considered "to the right" of the current tab in the current tab group.

Any good extension with similar functionality that ignore hidden tabs (IE: Respect my Tab Groups)?

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  1. Have you tried to request such feature to FoxyTab author? This should be very easy to implement, just skip if `tab.hidden === true`.

    Meanwhile, you can use multiple tab selection as workaround for things like “copy tab URLs to the right”. Hold Shift and click the rightmost tab. You can Ctrl + click the current tab to deselect it if you don’t want it to be part of the list. Then right-click any selected tab and click to copy URL. Extensions like [Copy Selected Tabs to Clipboard]( should do the job.


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