10 thoughts on “A Compilation of the Best Flask Tutorials for Beginners”

  1. Looks like you gathered up quite a few!

    Which ones are worth people’s time, though? Such a list would be more valuable if it recommended the best tutorials. The summaries read like cut-and-paste advertisements for the tutorials, rather than evaluations. Combined with all the referral links, it makes you seem biased.

    Thanks for collecting these. Even better would be a curated list of recommendations.

  2. XANA is implemented professionally and has a clear development plan. Made by a very professional and experienced team. Without doubt, this is one of the best project.

  3. When you are a complete beginner in Web Development and know basic Python then FLASK is what you should start with. It is helpful in creating simple websites and helps to understand the core of backend. When you will have enough knowledge of web development, you can always move on to other frameworks like Django.

    Here is the website made on flask to give you an idea :

  4. In the last year, I wrote three stories on medium on how to create yoir own website with Flask.

    – Part 1: Build your own mobile friendly website with Flask [Link](https://link.medium.com/Ts7qmPFVQrb)

    – Part 2: Develop your own financial dashboard with Flask and Plotly [Link](https://link.medium.com/9HFZBMXVQrb)

    – Part 3: Flask Tutorial: Simple Login for your webpage (python) [Link](https://link.medium.com/NJmwhV4VQrb)

    For more stories just follow me on medium.
    Happy coding!


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